extending hospital managed care to the home


As part of your patient’s home health care regimen, you may require that they send you measurements throughout their day. Our system lets you define any measurement type that you need to be measured and then reminds and prompts the user to record the measurements that you’ve specified.

As your patient’s needs change, you can easily adapt by specifying different measurements and timeframes. The measurement plan you specify is automatically given to the patient the next time they open the measurements applet.

Adherence to measurement regimens along with reasons for non-adherence are easily measured using our built in communications tools.

Some measurements many need to be manually entered by a patient but others can be brought in automatically. The system provides support for automatic measurement capture via an ever growing list of supported health device manufacturers. As an example, when a patient steps on their Withings (tm) scale in the morning, their measurements of weight, BSI and BMI are all automatically logged directly into our system without need for manual intervention.

Similarly, using the FitBit Zip (tm) device, the patient may also record using the FitBit application various measures such as minutes of activity or inactivity and the number of steps taken. Our system integrates with the FitBit Zip data to make acceptance of measurements from this device easy.