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Medication Adherence

There has been a lot of research into medical adherence and how the lack of adherence can be the cause of severe medical complications, especially in light of chronically ill patients. Staying adherent to a medication regimen can be challenging. There are a lot of reasons that a person may not take their medication. Our system and the Scheduled Medication applet helps keep patients on track through an integrated reminder system and two way communication between the patient and the care coordination team about non-adherence and reasons.

Using our system, patients can be prompted when it is time to take their medication along with instructions on what to do. Patients indicate their adherence by selecting whether or not the medication was taken and if not, the reason why. Our system rewards good patient adherence and can even be used to establish challenges and goals for improving adherence.

Our system lets the care team monitor medication adherence with their patients and lets them track reasons for non-adherence. Alerts can be raised when certain non-adherent situations are detected and the alerts can be sent to the care coordination team using multiple mechanisms such as paging, texting and email.