extending hospital managed care to the home

Physical Activity Tracking

Using the Physical Activity applet, a patient can easily record activity and work out information conducted in accordance to a care plan established by the care coordination team.

The care team can set up simple instructions and even link in instructional videos as to how to perform a given activity.

Patients record the activity by searching through our list of previously defined activities or by selecting from their own list of favorites which are determined automatically by their use by the system.

The physical activity list can be entered manually by the patient or may be augmented automatically through use of one of the LifeScience Technologies supported health device platforms. For example, LifeScience Technologies makes it simple for you to use your FitBit Zip (tm) device to record steps taken on a daily basis and have that health data relayed to your health care coordination team.

All physical activities supported by the system are equated to their personal METS score which allows the system to calculate out more accurately the amount of calories burned during a physical activity by a specific individual.