extending hospital managed care to the home


When our application is configured to be used on an intelligent device, a user profile is assigned that acts as the primary profile for the application. Each profile is uniquely assigned to one individual and a user ID and password is used to protect and authenticate all requests made from the device to our servers.

The profile contains many features that enable the patient to control how their health care data is made available.

An invitation mechanism is available that allows a patient to invite another user to participate in their health care. If that recipient accepts the invitation, they are allowed to see health information from the requester.

At any time, permissions or invitations can be removed restricting access easily and effectively.

The profile allows a patient to review what health care facilities are signed up to send and receive their health related data. A patient must provide a health care facility with a unique email address and validation code in order for that facility to have access to their health care information.

When a patient receives an invitation from a person inviting them to participate in their health care, they may either accept the invitation, reject the invitation or block the person from sending them any further invitations.